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Final sale on everything, paper and/or digital books. We do not refund anything, nor the shipping costs. No return, exchange or refund.

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  • Shipping charges are the same as you pay at Canada Post. No profit is made on these expenses. Shipping prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping costs are not refunded.
  • The author is not responsible any damages made during the delivery of the articles. We make sure the item is in good condition before shipping. No exchange or refund is made. Final sale on everything.
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  • All books, paper and digital, are registered at the BAnQ in Montreal.
  • The website and the images diffused on the website are of the property of the author. When you use the #amelibrary, you agree that the rights of the photo change and that it can be used to any kind of promotion by the author on the website, the Facebook pages, Instagram and any other media possible. If you wish to take back your rights of your photos, please fill the contact form. We will delete the requested photo(s).

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Negative reviews

Any comments we juge is negative and disrespectful will be deleted from this site without notice. No disrespect will be tolerated towards the website, the content, the books and the author. If the same person published several times, we reserve the right to block the user and to remove the right of purchase on this website.
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