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Dear Rose

Rose has a dream: to become a nurse. Born in a poor environment of the countryside, she will have to postpone this dream until later to help her close ones. Rose has a big heart, but she forgets about herself.

Discover an inspiring character who continues her path despite the pitfalls and who will find what everyone is looking for: happiness.

We all know a Rose. Mine was my grandmother to whom I pay homage in this first novel. I hope she will inspire you as much as she did inspire me.


Spring feelings

Like many teenage girls, I have been in love. When we are young, there is nothing else in our world than our friends and our crush. When we lose one of them, our world collapses. I think there is positive in everything and today I can see it better.

Being more introverted, I had to find a way to express my feelings. Si I turned to writing. Forgive the awkward verse of a broken-hearted teenager. We all start somewhere. As well embrace the past to better face the future. Now I can laugh about it!

Sentimental immensities  and other shorts stories

A religious village closed to the eventful and evocative city of Montreal in the 60s. The diary of a man, trapped in his hometown, his fat wife he doesn't like, the opressive religion and his family. The same man who dreams of Emma, the wife of his doctor who treats him for his depression. Discover a male version of Madame Bovary, completely unsuccessful.

This collection is filled with sarcastic short stories written during my studies, from high school to university. Go from the irony of justice, to an avenging crow, to an Alice in a not so wonderful land.