Welcome to my website!

I am Amélie Sabourin, a writer from Quebec. I come from the countryside, but now live in the mountains!

Discover my realistic world, my sarcastic style and my critical humor. I love to have fun with words and create dramatic, almost tragic stories. Writing is essential to express myself and telling people what I think. I also like to try different genres: fiction, poetry, short stories, theater... I have great projects in my mind and it is my pleasure to share them all with you!


Other than writing, I love everything related to aesthetics. I like being surrounded by beautiful and timeless things. That's exactly what I had in mind for my book covers. My books are unique, photogenic, classic! They are worth the investment, believe me. I have always thought that the message is just as important as the content, so I offer you my dreams on paper in a cover that will travel time with you.

Feel free to send me your comments! I'm so happy to talk with my readers. I really appreciate your support and words of encouragement.

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Thank you so much!